Classes to empower your wellbeing journey

Hosted by a dedicated team of specialised trainers and instructors, our Bodyism-exclusive classes are designed to leave your body feeling stronger and more toned while also recharging and reinvigorating your mind. From high-intensity circuits to calming yoga classes, there's something to suit all needs.

Bodyism Barre

This challenging-yet-fun conditioning class includes small movements and isometric holds that will work your entire body to build lean muscle and improve flexibility – leaving you feeling energised and empowered.

Bodyism Signature

Bodyism Signature has been carefully designed to strengthen and tone your whole body through a dynamic fusion of interval training, pilates and yoga, meditation and stretching.

Bodyism Signature Advanced

An advanced version of our Signature class – which we recommend you attend first – mini bands, gliders, ankle weights and your own bodyweight will be utilised as we take you through a truly unique workout.

Bodyism Boxing

Taught by professional boxers, each class will consist of technical drills, circuit training, whole-body conditioning and partner sparring. This fat-burning class is designed to improve your coordination, speed and agility while defining and sculpting your body.

Bodyism Dance

A high-energy, low-impact dance cardio workout meets functional conditioning to put your coordination and strength to the test. Expect to learn easy-to-follow choreographed cardio routines in this enjoyable-yet-tough class.

Bodyism Kickboxing

Taught by our experienced martial art coaches, each class will improve your athleticism by combining technical drills with martial art-inspired conditioning and partner sparring. It's designed to improve your coordination, strength and self-confidence.

Bodyism Yoga

Prepare to challenge yourself both physically and mentally with our Bodyism Yoga class that helps increase range of movement as well as strength and stamina.

Bodyism Yoga Sculpt

An energetic and powerful workout that fuses yoga sequences with isometric exercises (small intense movements) to target all the major muscle groups and create a lean physique.

Bodyism B-Calm Yoga

Ideal for city dwellers living hectic lives, this candlelit yoga class will help you relax and unwind. By tapping into your nervous system and dissolving any ‘fight or flight’ feelings, you'll be left with a more centred, mindful state of being.

Bodyism Pilates

Bodyism Pilates is a wonderful way to lengthen and strengthen your muscles – in particular your abdominal, back and pelvic areas. Plus, the class has been created so that its teachings on co-ordination, posture and balance can be applied throughout everyday life.

Bodyism Sculpt

A feel-good workout that fuses dance, conditioning and mobility practices to target your smaller muscle groups and engage your core. It'll improve your coordination and increase muscular strength and endurance.

Bodyism Warrior

This energising circuit session follows a high-intensity based programme using equipment from the main gym. It'll work every muscle, build physical and mental strength and improve your stamina.